Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pos Malaysia, finally actually doing their job

Finally got two out of the three parcels I was waiting for, this week. Two months overdue.

Checked the order number, they were both the re-sent parcels. Which means that the original ones are still missing (after a month, I told the senders that my orders did not arrive so they sent another shipment, FOC). Some thief out there has them, and is probably enjoying the use of MY stuff somewhere. Brill, absolutely brill.

I still have some guitar picks that I ordered from the US that are supposed to arrive sometime. Even that order was re-sent. I hope they actually arrive.

hey yo! Air Asia and other pet peeves

hi hi! back again, decided to move the blog back to this domain and keep my own custom domain to myself for my own nefarious purposes. So for all intents and purposes, I'm back. at least for now.

so! a while ago I booked a flight through Air Asia, got the booking number through my confirmation e-mail and everything. Decided to try checking the baggage allowances and in-flight meals and stuff through the website.


I entered in the booking number, flight dates and airport information correctly as requested, exactly as it's given me from the confirmation e-mail. The website tells me there's no such booking number.

So I e-mail them (as directed by Air Asia's website).

No response.

I e-mail them again a couple of weeks later.

Still no response.

So I guess I'm gonna have to call them? I would have thought that actually just following instructions would get the job done.

Or does that not work in this country?

I have no idea how these airlines win any actual awards.