Tuesday, April 15, 2008

one more week

and counting

till I finally leave this hole of a job

actually it's not so bad. sometimes the students really do make it worthwhile to take all the crap we get from some of the university & management. but finally enough is enough and I'll be free from having to live every weekday dreading the start of the day and longing for 6pm when I can just get into my car and go home (after climbing that damned hill, of course).

at least for the time being, until I find a new job.

then again, hopefully the new job will not have a stupid hill.

the hill does not give me exercise, its main function is just to make me aggravated. simple as that.

one more week. I can do it!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Coca-Cola WoW commercial

and this one too... Chinese pop group SHE in a Coke commercial

Toyota Tacoma WoW commercial

I just find this so funny

this was an actual advertisement for the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck that aired in the US recently

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

food review: Wendy's Sunway Pyramid

Wendy's is back! Finally after a long wait. I remember many years ago they had a branch in Sg. Wang that I used to love to go to, then they mysteriously disappeared.

now they're back, the first branch has opened in Sunway Pyramid. I went there yesterday since I had a day off and was wanting to see if they had maintained their standards and all. I used to go to Wendy's quite often as a student in Vancouver as well and really missed it when I came to Malaysia.

so! for the longest time they had the boards up at their premises at the Pyramid saying they were going to open soon, a short wait became a long wait, etc.

finally they opened just last Saturday, I think. The menu is quite extensive with choices of their famous square hamburgers (the patties are square, not the bun), grilled and fried chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets and fried chicken, fish sandwiches and even a shrimp sandwich. Also baked potatoes with toppings. And who could forget, chili! No, not the typical Malaysian chili sauce. Real American chili, with beef and beans.

prices are comparable to upper McDonald's/Burger King prices. The combo for the single burger is about RM9 or so, for a small combo (which is equivalent to McDonald's medium). They even have a triple burger (yes, 3/4 pound of meat. droolz :p) which comes with a price tag of about RM17/18 for the small combo. Chili is RM5 for a nice sizable bowl, so you can create your own chili fries (minus the cheese) and never have to complain about the small amount of chili that you get.

double with cheese combo with a bowl of chili. yummmmm...

Wendy's is open at Sunway Pyramid, old wing, just beside the ice skating rink. In between McDonald's and Delifrance. Good stuff!

Friday, April 4, 2008

and the day is...


the end of the work week. Thank God. I'm already worn out from working and searching for jobs. Get to relax a bit tomorrow, bring Speedy to meet some new friends, maybe get a bit of gaming in. And most importantly, sleep in a bit :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ka Wha Korean Barbecue... again!

I just love this little place in Bangsar called Ka Wha Korean restaurant. It's not very well known, so thankfully there are no throngs of people there. Essentially, they have a set menu for lunch (but I'm never in Bangsar around lunch-time so I can't vouch for it) and at night, from 1730-2200 (that's 5.30pm till 10pm. I'm just used to using that format for time) they have an all you can eat promotion.

The new price for the promotion is now RM48++. Sounds a bit steep, but for an all-you-can-eat a la carte buffet it's alright, considering the stuff that you're getting. If you have four people, the fourth person gets to eat for half price, and if you have five, the fifth person is free!

I went just this past Sunday with my wife and some friends, celebrating a birthday (not mine). This is the third time I've been there and I've never been disappointed.

As usual, I was hungry, and my phone camera sucks, so no pictures. Since I changed from the Treo to the HP iPaq I haven't really been taking any photos simply because the digital camera on the iPaq is just so bad. If I ever get a phone with a better camera (or even an actual digital camera) I'll resume taking photos.

Some of the good stuff on the menu:
- beef rib eye
- pork belly (when done well, it tastes exactly like bacon :)
- chicken fillet (marinated wonderfully!)
- chicken drumstick (also with a very nice marinade, non spicy)
- bulgogi (not too fatty, and in a very nice gravy)
- pa jeon (korean pancake with squid and spring onions)
- marinated lamb shoulder
- mushrooms (they're wonderful barbecued!)
- raw beef, pear and egg yolk salad (I know it sounds disgusting, so I never tell people what it is until they've actually tried it. and then they all say it's wonderful)
- spicy beef soup
- fried glass noodles with beef/pork

the only thing I would give a miss the next time is the potatoes. They just don't really do very well on the barbecue. When they were finally done they were half burnt and simply tasted like burnt hashbrowns.

even with the new price, I still consider this one of the best deals in town :)

Ok, ok here's a photo from a previous visit to the place, with some of my church mates :)

Ka Wha is located at Jalan Telawi 2 in Bangsar and can be reached a +60-3-22847762. For ease of parking, I usually just park at Bangsar Village II and take a 3 minute walk over. Much better than circling around Bangsar trying to find a parking space!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

let me introduce you to...

Speedy! I know, I talk about my doggie once in a while but very few pictures of him. So, without further ado, let me post up a few nice pics of him
gimme food!
favorite prey - bath towels

practicing my commando walk. gonna stealth over to my neighbor's house and ninja his giant koi!