Wednesday, April 9, 2008

food review: Wendy's Sunway Pyramid

Wendy's is back! Finally after a long wait. I remember many years ago they had a branch in Sg. Wang that I used to love to go to, then they mysteriously disappeared.

now they're back, the first branch has opened in Sunway Pyramid. I went there yesterday since I had a day off and was wanting to see if they had maintained their standards and all. I used to go to Wendy's quite often as a student in Vancouver as well and really missed it when I came to Malaysia.

so! for the longest time they had the boards up at their premises at the Pyramid saying they were going to open soon, a short wait became a long wait, etc.

finally they opened just last Saturday, I think. The menu is quite extensive with choices of their famous square hamburgers (the patties are square, not the bun), grilled and fried chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets and fried chicken, fish sandwiches and even a shrimp sandwich. Also baked potatoes with toppings. And who could forget, chili! No, not the typical Malaysian chili sauce. Real American chili, with beef and beans.

prices are comparable to upper McDonald's/Burger King prices. The combo for the single burger is about RM9 or so, for a small combo (which is equivalent to McDonald's medium). They even have a triple burger (yes, 3/4 pound of meat. droolz :p) which comes with a price tag of about RM17/18 for the small combo. Chili is RM5 for a nice sizable bowl, so you can create your own chili fries (minus the cheese) and never have to complain about the small amount of chili that you get.

double with cheese combo with a bowl of chili. yummmmm...

Wendy's is open at Sunway Pyramid, old wing, just beside the ice skating rink. In between McDonald's and Delifrance. Good stuff!


flyingegg said...

Yummy~! I still can't wait to go to Wendy's!!! XD

runeStone said...

I really can't wait to try. Heard about it today from The Sun. Wonder what happen to it during the early days...

enochho said...

now there you go, you've been to Wendy's

they used to be in Sg. Wang and a few other places. Like all other food chains that were run by MBf, like Whitecastle, Grandy's and Carl's Jr., it went down the drain. It's run by Berjaya this time so it should have a much longer stay.

don't get your hopes up TOO high. it's good but it's not the be all and end all of fast food :)

plain.jane said...

try Carl's Jr