Wednesday, June 9, 2010

food updates!

My apologies, have been too lazy to actually write words, so I've been posting pictures in Facebook instead. But anyway, some of the latest places to be visited and reviewed (and if I have the time, reviewed here) are as follows, with a short summary.

Betty's Midwest Kitchen, Aman Suria - Simple, hearty American fare. With pork, lots of it. What more could a carnivore like me ask for? Meatloaf, baby back ribs, burgers, steaks, apple crumble, and more. Food is high quality stuff, too, and it won't break the bank. Most expensive dishes are around RM30 or so, while regular stuff like meatloaf and burgers are well below the RM20 mark. Definitely will go again. 8.1/10

Kitchen Creatures, Centerpoint BU - Attempts at Western fare, it's main selling point is that there's no service charge or tax. If they could just improve on the food and drinks, I'd gladly pay the service charge instead. Very average food and extremely watered down drinks. Not too keen on a repeat visit, especially if they can't really even do a cup of coffee or a simple hamburger right. 4.1/10

Tao Cuisine Buffet, Sunway Giza - an ala carte buffet that was unexpectedly good and high quality. Most of the cold items such as salads, sushi, sashimi, oysters, etc. are laid out on the buffet line, while teppanyaki is made to order and almost all hot dishes are also made to order and brought to the table. The teppanyaki beef is tender and juicy although can be a tad too salty for some, while the teriyaki butter fish and salmon and grilled lamb chop are fantastic. At RM58++ per person, not the cheapest around but worth the price. 7.5/10