Thursday, February 28, 2008


have so much work to do

but don't feel like doing anything

just kinda feel lost and directionless right now

just milling around doing nothing much in particular

even though I'm up to my neck in work


Friday, February 22, 2008

hopping on threes

even before we got Speedy I saw that sometimes when he ran, he hopped on three legs. Asked the previous owner about it and she said that he probably got it while digging for something.

anyway, what happens is, sometimes when he's running or walking fast, he will start running on three legs instead of all four, keeping the left rear leg off the ground.

so, a few weeks ago we brought him to see the vet to take a look at it. Also because he has been shedding and scratching a lot. Vet says he has a luxating patella, which means that his kneecap sometimes goes out of joint, which is when he starts hopping on threes.

we're hoping and praying that his knee will recover, as it's really sad to see him hopping. But even so, he never complains or makes any noise about any pain. (actually, he doesn't complain even when he gets an injection... doesn't even seem to be in pain)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Malaysian politics... meh

I've never really believed in Malaysian politics since I was young, and I still don't. I realize that this is some contentious stuff, but bear with me for a bit...

MP for Kelana Jaya, YB Loh Seng Kok has been dropped from the candidates list for the coming general election (note, the papers say that he's "retiring", but then again, I don't believe everything I read in the papers anyway), possibly due to his speaking out against impending extremism within the BN ruling coalition, or just some silly power play or 'strategic shuffling' within the MCA. He's been a voice for the public, especially his constituency, and now he's being shoved aside for someone else (who is also a good public servant, wow, so rare these days) but still, the manner in which he is being put aside is shameful and shouldn't have any place in a properly run ruling party. This proves that Malaysian political parties don't really care about the people, they care about "toeing the line" and "not creating waves".

Who then will be a proper voice for the people in the parliament?

What? The opposition? The DAP is dropping Fong Po Kuan, one of the best and brightest young politicians in the country, so that someone's brother who's "higher up" can have that "DAP stronghold". Stronghold, my ass. The reason why they have it is because Ms Fong is a capable public servant who has build a rapport with the constituents and actually makes sure the peoples' concerns are heard. And now she is not going to contest that seat, so I'd like to see that "DAP stronghold" disappear simply because of their arrogance. This also proves that the DAP is not really interested in serving the public, but is only interested in grabbing as much power as they can, and sharing that power between themselves and their relatives or cronies.

Mind you, I'm not an MCA/BN or a DAP supporter. I would vote for anyone who is a capable servant who serves the people first and foremost OVER blind party directives and politics, whether it be someone from the BN or the DAP. But these recent issues only make the taste of Malaysian politics even more bitter. Who to vote for? Does it really matter since nobody really seems to care about the people now?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Groove Dynasty

prepare for the awesomeness that is... Groove Dynasty!

more of this please!

usually when we read the papers all we see on the front page headlines are bad news: disasters, scandals, politics, shootings, kidnappings, etc.

imagine my surprise when, for once, the Friday paper headlines was something much more cheerful.

read it here

this guy who's an advertising executive splurged RM40,000 on a billboard to propose to his girlfriend, and also bought her a RM14,000 diamond ring. Not too shabby, eh?

at least it's something heartwarming to start the day, rather than the usual fare :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WoW guild names XD

I was casting around looking at the best guild names for World of Warcraft and I came across this Guild Name Generator. What it does is that it analyzes guild names from several WoW servers and randomly generates 100 fictional guild names. The scary thing is that many of them look plausible. Wouldn't be surprised if I actually see some of them in-game.

Speaking of which, a friend of mine is making a guild, any cool suggestions for names?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

doggy wasabi?

oh my.

just as a gag, after dinner, I gave my doggy some of the leftover wasabi on my finger to taste. He licked all the wasabi off! Then I gave him a bit more, and he ate all of it :p

so... my doggy likes wasabi?! He ate a whole finger scoop full of it, and he stood the test of wasabi :) hahaha

no more Nagisa?

heard from someone that Nagisa is no longer at Sunway Lagoon Resort. Is that true? No more Nagisa?

brainless people alert, part 1

last Tuesday I went to Jusco at One Utama and it was really crowded. Had to go to the supermarket to get some stuff.

so, my wife and I were waiting in line, waiting to pay at the line next to the express lane. As we were nearing the cashier, we overheard a conversation between the Jusco cashier at the express lane and a woman who had an entire basket full of stuff.

Jusco cashier: I'm sorry, miss, this is the express lane, only 8 items and below
Stupid woman: But I'm in this queue
Jusco cashier: I'm sorry, miss, but you can't use this lane, you have more than 8 items
Stupid woman: Look, I have 4 types of items: drinks, meats, etc., etc.
Jusco cashier: Sorry, you'll have to join the regular queue
Stupid woman: But the other queues are so long!
Jusco cashier: I'm sorry, miss, but you can't use this lane. You'll have to join the regular queues

at which point the woman puts the basket down on the floor in a huff and walks away angrily

way to go, Jusco cashier! I'm so glad you stood your ground and kept to your principles, not letting that stupid woman jump queue and get away with it. I wish we had more people like you who don't stand for unethical people who try to get ahead at the inconvenience of other people. Thank you so much.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

totally surreal

and then there's this

you know you're in trouble when...

a violinist is teaching you figured bass

an electric guitarist is teaching you rhythm


a drummer is teaching you harmony :p

Monday, February 4, 2008


feel so sleepy today

no I didn't sleep very late. Dunno why, I just feel sleepy. Couldn't get my engine started in the morning. Thankfully my first class of the day was 11am. Must get up earlier tomorrow though. First class is 9.30am.

had a decent weekend. My wifey's birthday was yesterday so we've been having a series of celebrations. On Saturday we went to Andana Spa which is in the Holiday Inn at Glenmarie. It's a per-entry deal, where you pay RM148++ (works out to about RM170 nett) for entry. Upon entry, you get to use the hydrotherapy pools, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, etc. Then after drying off, you get to sit in the lounge with comfy recliners and comfortable air-conditioning. We got a private room that seated 4 of us comfortably and even a DVD player and LCD screen. Besides that, you get a 40 minute massage (either aromatherapy or shiatsu), and limitless food, freshly squeezed fruit juice and Haagen Dazs Ice cream. Not a bad deal, eh? Plus, you get to stay there for as long as you like, the place is open from 10am till midnight.

so we spent almost all of Saturday there. Had to rush to Jusco to get a wok. Yeah, not just any wok. It's a wok that was on a special Chinese New Year promotion, now only RM688 (for a 40cm wok that's normally easily over RM1k), and I got a saucepan and an induction stove free. Not too bad, eh?

Sunday, went to a friend's church where he was spending his first Sunday as the pastor of that church. Pastor Timothy Yap, have a great tenure at Cornerstone Baptist Church & keep preaching God's Word.

we went to Cheras Leisure Mall to meet up with one of my wife's old friends who was around (she works in Singapore so we don't see her very often). Had lunch at Dragon-i (I like that place) and bumped into James, an old high school friend of mine. He even paid for our lunch without our knowing (paiseh, paiseh).

then I went over to the Guitar Store to pick up my new toy... hehehe. Yes, I finally got the Godin Freeway 4 bass guitar. Drooling over it. It's in metallic burgundy. Nice, bright clear tone. Didn't get to play with it though, cause we had to clean house that day *boo hoo*

dinner was at Las Carretas in Taipan, Subang Jaya. Good place and one of the only places to get Mexican food. No pictures unfortunately but the food was good. Will write more about that later. I had a chimichanga while my wife had an enchilada. Quite alright, although not as beefy as I would have liked.

that's all the update for now. Over and out :p