Wednesday, October 6, 2010

on the plate - Betty's Midwest Kitchen, Aman Suria

Right. Again, I apologize for the long wait for any updates to this blog. I get busy, you know?

But anyway, I digress... This post is long overdue for one of my favorite joints so lemme put it up now before I procrastinate and leave it for much longer...

Betty's Midwest Kitchen is a relatively new place, it's been open for about a year or so (opened in 2009 if I'm not mistaken). It's a family run business, the wife does the cooking, the husband manages the place and the grown-up kids help to serve and take orders and stuff. It really is one of those honest to goodness places where you really have that sense of family going on. It's a nice, cosy place, someplace where you can enjoy and nice, hearty meal with friends and family.

the cosy interior of the restaurant, on a busy night
the cheeseburger. They have a couple of types, this is  the regular one, and they have something called the Juicy Lucy, in that one, they actually embed the cheese inside the patty.

Dog food, looks gross, but it's seriously yummy. A tray of fries, baked with gravy and cheese and onions. All sorts of gooey, unhealthy goodness. Don't try to eat this alone. Trust me. It will be painful if you try.

The meatloaf (RM15) comes with peas (my favorite!), onions, and mashed potatoes that are silky smooth with yummy gravy on top. At first looking at the pictures I thought it was bacon on top, but when it came it was actually barbecue sauce. The meatloaf tastes good but I found it to be a little too soft and crumbly (I like my meatloaf to have a little bit of bite). Still good value and good flavor though.

Pigs in blankets - sausages wrapped in bacon. The bacon was fatty and added a whole new realm of flavor to the sausages. Oh, and did you know that natural fats don't add to cholestrol? :p

Ribs (Rm32 or somewhere thereabouts) - They were okay, nothing spectacular to shout about but still tasted good.

Soup (RM8) - their soup is generally very good, they change the soup every week and it's always a clear broth with meat and vegetables, very nice, heart warming stuff. Definitely a recommendation.

Pork Chop with apples (RM23) - Most people who saw this were rather disgusted with the idea of having savory stuff with fruit. However, pork with applesauce has been an American staple for what, centuries? Decades? I won't get into that, but the marriage of pork with fruit actually does work very well (for those of you who still can't wrap your heads around it, doesn't sweet and sour pork also have fruit, in the form of pineapple and stuff?)

Sausage platter (RM35) - probably the most expensive thing on the menu, you get 4 (yes, FOUR) large sausages (the real thing, not the over-processed junk we normally get) of different varieties with coleslaw and fries (in this picture my friend asked to have them replaced with mash). The sausages are meaty and bursting with flavor, although I think one of the sausages wasn't to most people's liking (it's a soft white one, I can't remember the name now... in German it would be weisswurst?)

Apple Crumble (RM8) - nicely done with ice cream. Purists will be appalled that they make their crumble with cornflakes. It adds a nice crunch to it, and it tastes good, with the apples, crumble and ice cream making a nice combination.

All in, Betty's is a value-for-money place that has no airs or pretences at trying to be what it's not. What it is, though, is an honest to goodness family place that unapologetically serves pork, pork and pork. There are non-pork options for those who are not inclined towards that direction, such as fish and chips and fried chicken, but the specialities are the pork. Also, the house lemonade is pretty good, and one of the cheaper drink options on the menu.

And here we go, the ratings:
Food: 7.8/10
Drink: 6.5/10
Service: 8.1/10 (can be a bit slow, but always polite and with a smile)

Where is it?
In Aman Suria, facing the NKVE, it's just a few doors away from the Kayu Nasi Kandar.

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