Sunday, October 17, 2010

on the plate - Frames, Sunway Pyramid

Was supposed to try this place out much earlier at the recommendation of a friend, but when we tried to look for it at its previous location at TTDI Plaza, it wasn't there anymore. Good thing I guess. TTDI Plaza is absolutely horrible, especially in terms of getting there, parking (I've never seen such a poorly designed car park ever before in my life. The architect who designed that car park must have been drunk when he thought it up), and the cigarette smoke that wafts through the air due to all the pubs and stuff. Sunway Pyramid is a much nicer and more accessible location.

Frames is a cosy place that has a nice comfortable ambiance, they've got framed photos all over the restaurant, photos taken by amateur photographers who otherwise probably wouldn't get a platform to display their works. The food is pretty good too.

Barrae (RM8.90) - one of their signature drinks, it's soda with strawberry puree, and other fruits as well. Nice and refreshing. 

Crusted salmon (RM26) - one of the most expensive items on the menu. It looks like not much, but it actually is substantial. A nice fillet of salmon crusted with herbs complementing the tender flesh of the salmon. Complete with sauteed mushrooms and asparagus, some aragula leaves, and a tasty mash (sorry I had mutilated it before I took the photo), and a lovely butter reduction that adds a different dimension to the meat.

Mango tuna sandwich (RM18) - one of the owner's creations, it has lots of tuna accompanied by mango slices, sliced eggs and vegetables, encased in a nice herbed bread. Sorry the picture doesn't really do it justice. The flavor combination is very good, the sweetness of the mango complementing the tuna and other ingredients very well. And if you're feeling wierded out by the combination - don't. The sweet & savory really do work well together in this one.

the Burger (RM22+10) - It's supposed to be either a beef, fish or chicken burger. Apparently if you're hungry you can add another patty (beef, chicken or fish) but another RM5. My friend upped the ante by asking for one of each. The burger comes with the usual fixings, and a fried egg to boot. All patties are hand made in the restaurant, and seasoned very nicely. Even the fish pattie is actually a real fillet of dory that's breaded and fried, not some reconstituted fish parts thing.

Frames is a nice place where you can chill out and hang out, with good and friendly service and good food and drinks, I do recommend it for a good time out with friends or a quiet dinner.

Food: 7.1/10
Drink: 6.9/10
Service: 7.1/10

Location: Oasis Boulevard, at Sunway Pyramid. Go out the main entrance (facing the highway), and make a right turn, and you'll see it.

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